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"Would You Say Yes If You Can Cash In $27, $37 Or $67 Commissions Daily Even When You Don't Have A Website, List Or Product?"

For The First Time, You Can Start Earning Serious Income While Others Are Still Figuring Out How You Got There ...

Need Proof?


One of My Clickbank Accounts

PayPal Account

One of My PayPal Accounts

Dear Friend,

The above income statements are just a few of my many income generating accounts. I am showing you this to make a point, ie that I am living proof that it is possible to make a 6-figure yearly income online.

And most importantly, you too can achieve the same level of success or even exceed mine!

I Was Just Like Any Newbie ...

Is it alright if I speak to you heart-to-heart?

When I first started marketing in 2007 as a newbie, it was tough for me. I tried almost every program that promised me instant income. From MLM, selling weight loss pills, paid surveys, downline builders, blah blah blah, I have attempted to make money from all these.

And like many people, I bought tons and tons of ebooks, reports, videos etc to read and watch.

After long hours of trying, I never really saw a single dollar of profits. And from the forums I visit, I know that many people went through the same thing as me.

Do you feel the same way?

I began to ask myself why and what went wrong.

I knew in my heart that it is possible to make a serious income from online marketing. In fact, there are so many successful marketers out there.

I told myself that I want to be like them.

So I decided I should just copy those people who have succeeded, instead of reinventing the wheels.

The Missing Link To Making REAL Money Online

I realized that all the ebooks, reports and videos I have read did teach me something valuable. I learnt the importance of each marketing technique and how to do article marketing, video marketing, list building, etc.

But the missing link was - No One Ever Taught Me How To Piece The Puzzle!

Now, fast forward 2 years later, growing from my past mistakes and after coaching many people, I have come to know that most marketers are overloaded with information and distracted by too many programs.

Many give up trying to make money online because of 3 obvious and common problems.

3 Common Problems That Plague 95% Of All Marketers

95% marketers never really make a single dime of profits online. Yes, they do make a dollar or two but continue to be in the red because they blew it all up in high advertising costs, mostly on PPC campaigns like Google Adwords!

No.1 - Lack Of Guidance

Many marketers try to read up as much information as they can about this and that. At some point of time, they get totally confused and frozen. And they simply do not know where to start.

The truth is, making money online is like learning how to drive or riding a bicycle.

You do not know how to drive a car or ride a bicycle by reading some manuals. You have to DO it!

Oh yes, I know some of you are saying that, "I did try! but still failed!"

I want to tell you that it is not your fault.

What you really want and need is to learn and earn at the same time, right?

No.2 - Focused On Too Many Things

People love fads and trends. Many will chase after the next big thing.

And nowadays, it changes too fast, too quick that it is almost impossible to catch up.

No.3 - Reinventing The Wheel

People waste time starting everything from ground zero like putting a new website from scratch.

Nowadays, tools, software and blueprints and even ready turnkey businesses are readily available for you to get started profiting much faster than before.

You don't really need to learn advanced HTML, how to program software, etc in order to succeed online.

In short, don't try to reinvent the wheel. Rather, follow what works and copy!

Proven And Profitable Vs Trend-Driven And Zero Income

While many are still chasing the next big trend-driven thing and making zero income, many successful marketers are making money secretly and quietly behind the scene running their proven and highly profitable businesses.

I am not saying that you should not pay attention to the latest marketing fad like Twitter, Web 2.0, social networking and so on.

In fact, I encourage you to take note of them, and use them to expand your business.

However, the real truth is, isn't it better to focus on a business model that is already profitable? Rather than to chase after trends and crazes that die off after a short while and chase after another pipe dream again?

That's what top marketers do. They work on a proven and profitable business model, grow it to a huge size and then automate the process. Then they move on to the next model.

You don't see them chasing the next big thing like everyone does.

But you do see them selling the shovels to those chasing the next big thing, isn't it?

So, what is your choice now?

I Am Giving You The Keys To My Proven Business Model

Today, I am going to hand over the keys to my profitable business model so that you can join the ranks of those who are making a serious income online like me.

No more waiting for months before seeing results...

So it is vital that you listen carefully to what I am offering you here...

Niche Review Sites Are King When It Comes To Making Sales!

Niche review sites
contribute a huge percentage to my income.

In fact, many marketers like me are harvesting tons of sales and thousands of dollars from review sites in hot profitable niches that make money for us 24/7 on autopilot once we set it up and market it.

Know What These Killer Sites Do?

You are bound to have seen at least one around. Review sites are those mini-sites that subtly discuss about the different products in the market, describe their pros and cons and offer suggestions to help buyers make their decisions...to buy based on their recommendations.

These sites are like "sales people" who warm up the potential buyer, walk them through the product, explain the features and finally, go for the closing.

And some sites can do it so well that before the "sales talk" is over, customers are already flashing out their wallets, eager to buy.

And once the buyer clicks on that link to buy, the review site owner receives a sale!

Most successful marketers spend hundreds of dollars creating each of such sites, and then promote them.

And they are willing to spend the kind of money because it works!

Wow! That sounds great but is it really so straightforward?

Truth is, designing and creating such mini-sites, researching on products and writing the product review copy can be challenging and tedious. It can take hours and even days ... who has the time?

And...Not Everyone Is Born A Talented Copywriter Or Graphics Designer

Not only so, you have to perform comprehensive keyword and content research and write articles to promote the review sites.

That is taxing on your time and outsourcing is often costly if you want to ensure that the product review and outstanding graphics convert visitors into buyers.

A high quality review site including graphics and content will easily cost $297 onwards if you outsource.

Each well-written article will cost at least $10.

Outsourcing Is Costly ... But Fret Not...

We Do The Hard Work For You Without The High Cost!

What if I take away the pain and give you a ready plug-and-play review site in a hot profitable niche and the articles to promote it every month so that you can focus on making money instead?

...without the expensive price tag?

In no time, you will have multiple streams of income coming from different niches...without ever needing to create any review site, research on niches and products, write the review content and the articles to promote those sites?

Not only that, you will be able to build a list of targeted subscribers in the niche and continue selling to them!

I will not leave you alone with this profitable business and not knowing what to do next...

On top of that, you will find the training material inside the club that teaches you how exactly to make money using this proven to work model...

It's Truly A Learn As You Earn Opportunity Not To Be Missed!

Hear What Our Members Have To Say:


"First Sale Within 48 Hours!"

I joined the membership and set up the Fast Track Profit Pack. After submitting the articles, I made my first sale, all within 48 hours! Wow!

James, NY, US
"3 Sales, $98.23 And Counting..."

The review site is really professionally designed. I can never come up with something like that. After setting it up and following your instructions, the site has earned me 3 sales which works out to be $98.23 within the past 5 days! The membership is definitely worth it! Thanks... 

Ralph, TX, US

"Most Straightforward Way To Make Money"

I have been looking for a simple way to earn money online. I am not greedy and definitely am not looking for an instant way to earn millions of dollars (though that would really be good! :)) All I wanted is an easy to follow method to make a few hundred dollars a month. After testing and trying out different sites, I thought I am never going to find one that really works...until I got to know this site. $7 for the trial, I guessed why not?

I am glad I did, everything is laid out nicely, the money site and the tools to promote it. It has to be the most straightforward way to make money online. Thanks Davion!   

Rachel, Australia

Summary Of What You Will Receive As A VIP Member

Monthly Fast Track Profit Pack

Sample Review Mini-Site

Fast Track Profit Pack

The entire profit pack consists of:

1 Review Mini-Site In A Popular Niche With Opt-In Box
Value: $297

10 Articles (Optimized For Ranking)
Value: $120

5 Email Messages (For Free Newsletter)
Value: $60

1 Set Of Keywords (Suitable For Article Marketing & PPC)
Value: $47

1 Market Research Report
Value: $50

You will receive 1 Fast Track Profit Pack every month in a new profitable niche for as long as you remain as our member.


Samples Of Our High-Conversion Niche Review Site

Top Making Up Guide Review Minisite

Sample Review Mini-Site

Home Page With Product Comparison

Products are compared and rated to give visitors an unbiased review of 3 popular products. These are all written by our expert writers and proven to convert well.

Registry Easy Product Review

Individual Product Review

Each of the 3 products are reviewed individually to give your visitors more information and details. This allows them to know the product more and most importantly, give them an unbiased view so that rapport and trust is built.

This is what we often call "Preselling" and our expert writers know fully well what triggers the sale. The reviews are all written to push the "hot buttons" of visitors so that before you know it, they are ready to flash out their credit cards to buy what we recommend.

Fast Track Profit Pack - Your A-To-Z Income System!

We have done the research for you so that you know you are in a profitable niche from Day 1! Most marketers spend and waste many hours and hundreds of dollars on advertising, trying and testing out which market and niche works.

If you are with us, there is no need to figure these out because we have done the work for you!

We have also designed our review mini-site to include an opt-in box so that you may build a list in the niche.

Not only that, it comes complete with a 5-part newsletter which means that you do not have to write anything. These emails will follow up with your prospect to close the sale.

The pack also contains 10 search-engine optimized articles for you to promote the review site.

If that is not enough, we have included a huge keyword list that tells you what keywords to target, the competition level and so on. So if you are a bum marketer, it really saves you tons
of time since we have done the keyword research.

We also include a market and niche research report about the target niche that tells you who your likely buyers are. Use that information for PPC and other methods of marketing...

And did we mention that the review mini-site is designed so that you can plug in directly to your Google Adwords campaign?

Easy Setup - Truly Plug And Play!

We know that many of you may have this question - "How easy is the set up?". Well, we have provided a software that makes it simple.

All you need to do is to fill in your affiliate id and click submit and all your files are embedded with your affiliate id. Upload them and your brand new website is ready for sales!

You don't even need to know HTML at all...

The websites are already coded with the Meta-Tags to rank well for different keywords so you do not need to change anything if you wish to.

If you don't know what this jargon is about, it doesn't matter because you don't even need to know.

Just fill in the blanks, submit and upload. Your review mini-site is ready!

Our users have tested it. It takes no more than 5 minutes to set up everything.

Everything is explained clearly in our Setup Manual. If you are not sure, check with our friendly support! We are here to assist you.

Training Center

Training Materials

Training Materials

Within the member's area, you will be able to access training materials that show you how to make real money online.

From written reports to videos about article marketing, traffic generation, list building, keyword research etc, you will be able to learn everything you need to earn a serious income, quit your day job and live the life you always wanted.

You get to access our library  of the latest training materials for as long as you remain as our member.


That's A Total Value Of $871!

With the fast track profit packs and training materials, you get all that you need to start earning a good income online.

All that sounds really good, but how much is it going to cost?

No where else can offer you such a great deal at such an affordable price...

For a limited time, we are offering a 14-Day Trial to
6 Figure Blueprint VIP Club for
only $67 $47 $7

After the trial period, you will be billed an introductory price of $17/month only, not $47/month or $67/month like what our competitors are charging.

Once our initial 100 slots are filled, the introductory price of $17/month will be increased to $37/month.

So, seize the opportunity today!

Order Button

P.S: The value of the entire package is worth over $870, no joke! You will not be able to find such a generous package of such high quality outside of this page. I can guarantee that.

Just the review mini-site you receive monthly alone, without the articles, keyword list, market research, etc is worth more than 10 times the amount you are paying. It is a professionally designed website which costs us a lot of money. If you don't believe us, go ahead and outsource such a project.

P.S.S: I am offering a 14-day trial for you to try things out. I am making it totally risk-free for you. If you don't like what you are receiving, simply cancel your membership after the 14 days.

But I am confident that you will stay with us because of the immense value you are getting.

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